Red Oakleaf Lettuce

Red Oakleaf Lettuce

These delicate and delicious lettuces are easy to grow in any bed or flower pot. With regular watering and succession planting, you can enjoy fresh salads almost year-round. 
  • Details

    Red Oakleaf lettuces form open heads with burgundy-red, deeply lobed, delicate oak-like leaves.

    Variety: Saladbowl

  • Care

    Light: Sun/partial shade (6 hours of sun minimum)
    Water: water thoroughly BEFORE planting; keep moist; water in early morning.
    Soil: Prefers rich soil amended with compost.
    Spacing: 4 plants per square foot.
    Harvesting: may harvest individual leaves or whole, full-sized full heads. When picking individual leaves, never pick more than half of the plant's leaves at a time.


    Also, you may want to loosely cover your newly planted seedlings with bird or deer netting to prevent squirrels, bunnies and friends from nibbling your garden.