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Our Mission


Kitchen Harvest's mission is to produce Better Food with Less Waste through organics recycling, composting and backyard farming. This local food system gives us affordable access to healthier, better tasting food while respecting our planet. By growing our own food and diverting our waste from landfills, we can help sustain our community one yard at a time.


What is Kitchen Harvest?


Kitchen Harvest is a food and yard waste collection service, compost producer, gardener – i.e. a natural recycler. We recycle the earth’s natural materials back into their original form – soil – then add a few seeds and watch it grow. Our products and services are offered to residents and businesses in the western suburbs of Philadelphia.


Who are we?


Kitchen Harvest is a family run business started by Chris & Timi Pieretti who share a love of homegrown food. Chris has loved gardening since he was a young boy and still wonders at the sight of a tiny seed sprouting into a head of broccoli. Timi loves being able to pick fresh ingredients from the backyard for her homecooked meals. They want every family to have the same opportunity to cook fresh, healthy, local food. Their hope is that doing good today will make for a better tomorrow for everyone.


What we do


Kitchen Harvest offers the following services and products: 

Our Inspiration - the Hummingbird

" I will do the best I can."

Watch "Maathai's Story of Humming Bird"  from Dirt! The Movie to see the inspiration for all the hard work we do for our planet.

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