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20% OFF your Compost order for composting customers! 
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Our very own high-quality, finely screened (1/2") Kitchen Harvest compost now available in 15-qt bags! Made from a rich blend of organic materials, including food scraps, yard waste and fallen leaves, this compost is perfect for improving soil structure and promoting healthy plant growth. Our bags make it convenient to transport and apply to any garden plot. 
Uses for Compost:


  • Soil Amendment - Mix into existing garden soil to help plants absorb nutrients

  • Seed Starter - Sow grass or plant seeds directly in Compost according to seed instructions

  • Fertilizer - Top-dress beds with an inch of Compost to retain water and prevent weeds

  • Planting Medium - Use for direct planting of leafy and/or moisture-loving plants

How many bags do I need?


1 Bag = 15 quarts = 5-gallon bucket

 - fills about 3 average size flower pots

For larger jobs, measure in feet

Multiply Length x Width x Depth = Total cubic feet

Divide by .60 = # of bags needed

Need more?  Bulk standard screened (3/4") compost is available by the yard for pickup or delivery at our host farm, Linvilla Orchards. Please contact them directly at 610-876-7116 to check availability. Be sure to tell them you're a composting customer to receive your discount!

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