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Our Story


I just wanted better soil.  When I was a boy I used to record the number of blooms and the plants' sizes so I’d know how much to prune back my Dad’s little 5-plant rose garden each year.  I liked being outside where there was science and nature – my favorite Trivial Pursuit category.  I planted things – roses, trees - in every rental I lived in, even tried growing basil in a pot indoors under a skylight in a dilapidated West Philly apartment.  No luck.  My “whacky liberal” sister was always telling me to listen to “You Bet Your Garden” on NPR.  I finally did. 

And then I met The Girl, the one who liked to cook and lived downstairs.  So, Mike McGrath is saying that I can turn leaves into soil and I’m thinking that then I can grow food (not just roses) for the girl who likes to cook downstairs!  I’m in!  That really is our story.  It is her Kitchen (the girl became my wife), and my Harvest. 

In 2010 we had a son and we started Kitchen Harvest.  Our perspective on family and future now went much further out.  Though it was never about being “green,” it was just the most effective, cheapest solution I could come up with to growing my own food.  And now we are helping many more families, schools, and local farms do just that.  We just needed better soil.  

Watch our story and learn how we turn banana peels into "golden" onions:
Our Inspiration - the Hummingbird

" I will do the best I can."

Watch "Maathai's Story of Humming Bird"  from Dirt! The Movie to see our inspiration to do the best we can.

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