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Frequently Asked Questions


Need more info?  If you can't find an answer below, please email us at

What can I compost?

If it grows, it goes! That means any type of fruit, vegetable or plant scrap - raw or cooked - including egg shells, coffee grounds, and grains.  See our full list here.

What happens on my pick-up day?

We’ll send you an email reminder the day before we are coming.  Put your compostables in front of your home by the time indicated in your reminder email.  They should be far from the curb so that another waste collection service doesn’t mistakenly take them.  When we arrive at your home we’ll empty your bucket and yard waste container/paper bag and leave the reusable containers behind. 

Where does it all go?

Your compostables are taken to our on-farm composting site at Linvilla Orchards in Media, PA where we turn it into compost.  Nature does most of the work, but we carefully monitor its progress and help it along as needed.  We’ll often post the progress and other interesting related things at

Can I get finished compost back?

Once finished, the compost is cured, screened, tested, and offered back to you, the farm, and local schools.  Bulk orders of our compost are available to you at a 20% discount. 

What does it cost?

$18 per month.  Subscribe here and payment will be made automatically every month.  For billing questions or to pause your service, email us at

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