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20% OFF your Compost or Soil order for composting customers! 
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$40/yd (plus tax & delivery)

Uses for Compost:


Soil Amendment - Mix into existing garden soil


Seed Starter - Sow grass or plant seeds directly in Compost according to seed instructions


Fertilizer - Top dress beds or lawns with an inch of Compost to help plants absorb nutrients

Our Compost is made on-site with food scraps and yard waste from our compost collection service. It's carefully cured and screened right at Linvilla. 


Garden Soil

$38/yd (plus tax & delivery)

Our Garden Soil is a 50/50 blend of local topsoil and our Compost.

Fill empty raised beds, pots and planters with our Garden Soil for all of the benefits of compost-enriched new soil.

**Customer discount not available on Mulch



$26/yd (plus tax & delivery)**

  • Added Mushroom Soil reduces the artillery fungus 
  • Better than the typical mulch because our trimmings have heartwood and bark which leaves more nutrients in the soil beneath it

  • Recommended for weed prevention in garden pathways

Made at Linvilla from shredded local trimmings, our all-natural, undyed Mulch is ground with a pinch of Mushroom Soil.

**Customer discount not available on Mulch

Soil products are available for pickup or delivery at our host farm, Linvilla Orchards. Please contact them directly at 610-876-7116 to check availability. Be sure to tell them you're a composting customer to receive your discount!
How much do I need?


Measure the space in feet

Multiply Length x Width x Depth = Total cubic feet

Divide by 27 to determine cubic yards

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