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Our Partners

We value our relationships with our trusted partners.  Without them our business would not succeed.

Linvilla Orchards


Linvilla Orchards is a 300-acre family farm dedicated to agriculture, entertainment and education. A trip to Linvilla creates family memories that last a lifetime and generations of Delaware Valley families have returned year after year to experience all of the things that make Linvilla Orchards special.


Kitchen Harvest is proud to make compost there...

Philly Compost, Inc.


Philly Compost is a local, woman-owned business that provides composting related services in the Greater Philadelphia area. 



Transition Town Media


Transition Town Media (TTM) is a community based initiative focused on building community resilience in the face of global economic and environmental challenges that are impacting many in the Media area.

By adopting the international Transition Movement and becoming Pennsylvania’s first Transition Town, we are helping the Media area change, at the community level, to a more local and resilient future.

Transition efforts are designed to result in a life that is more fulfilling, more socially connected and more equitable than the one we have today. The model is based on a loose set of real world principles and practices that reduce carbon emissions and build community resilience.

Untours Foundation


The Untours Foundation works to alleviate poverty by providing low-interest loans to individuals and organizations who create employment, housing and valuable goods and services in economically challenged communities. Untours fuels projects that are environmentally and economically pioneering, setting new models for which all businesses can strive.

Media Business Authority


The mission of the Media Business Authority is to encourage economic growth, improve positive visual impact, sustain and nurture business development, and help increase Media business patronage through activities and programs that enhance the community quality of life, while maintaining an open line of communication with business owners, citizens, and local government.

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